Discovering the Magnificent Lakes of Kashmir: A Must-See on your next Kashmir Trip

Discovering the Magnificent Lakes of Kashmir: A Must-See on your next Kashmir Trip

Kashmir is a natural paradise that can fascinate anyone. Just like its mountains and valleys, Kashmir’s lakes are equally famous and are a traveller’s paradise. Kashmir is indeed a must-visit destination for nature and adventure enthusiasts since it provides so many outdoor activities, breathtakingly beautiful mountains and valleys, stunning trekking and hiking trails, many lakes, and a distinctive cultural experience. It is a stunning place and is home to some of the prettiest lakes.

So here is a list of all the notable lakes in Kashmir that no traveller should ever miss, from freshwater to saltwater to hot springs ones!

Dal Lake:
The Dal Lake, one of Kashmir’s most well-known lakes, is actually made up of three smaller lakes and doesn’t at all resemble a typical lake. This is because of the rivers, channels, houseboats, and floating islands that give the area the appearance of a collection of islands in a body of water. The best months to visit Dal Lake are May through November because of the beautiful weather. However, it is accessible year-round. The lake can occasionally freeze over completely because of the cold winters.

How to reach: Situated in the heart of Srinagar, this lake is well connected via all kinds of transport.

Nigeen Lake:
In Srinagar, Kashmir, there is a lake called Nageen or Nigeen. This lake is regarded as a component of the illustrious Dal Lake. Comparatively less crowded, spotless, and cleaner than the Dal Lake, it is growing in popularity lately. This lake, which is close to Hari Parbat, is bordered by willow and poplar trees, adding to its attractiveness. For visitors to Nigeen Lake, taking a Shikara ride at sunset is a must-do activity.

How to reach: Nagin Lake is separated from Dal Lake by a causeaway which can only be crossed by foot or by a two wheeler.

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Wular Lake:
The Wular Lake, one of Asia’s largest freshwater lakes and a well-known tourist destination close to Srinagar is a must-see in Kashmir. More than 130 square kilometres in size, this lake supports a diverse range of life forms and is a major source of fish and aquatic plants for a large number of people. Additionally, the Kashmir Valley as a whole is protected from flooding by this lovely lake. From the top of a garden that is located on a hill by the lake, visitors may also take in a comprehensive view of the lake.

How to reach: Wular Lake is 2 hours away from Srinagar.

Gadsar Lake:
Gadsar Lake, unquestionably the most beautiful lake in Kashmir, is renowned for its flawlessly circular shape and glittering waters. The icebergs that are afloat on the lake enhance its splendour. The name Gadsar translates to “Lake of Fishes” and refers to the lake’s natural home for the well-known brown trout fish. The folklore surrounding Gadsar Lake is fascinating, and it is also known as Yamsar, which translates to “Lake of Death.”

How to reach: The lake can be reached after crossing the Gadsar Pass (the highest point in the Great Lakes trek at 13750 feet)

Mansabal Lake
One of the best lakes in Kashmir, the Manasbal Lake is a beautiful option for those who love the offbeat. A bird watcher’s paradise, it is home to many aquatic birds. Apart from this, one can also find a Mughal garden built by Nur Jahan by the lake. All in all, this is a must visit lake in Kashmir for all the nature and history buffs.

How to reach: Located in the Jhelum valley on the route to the Wular Lake via Safapur, one can reach here from Srinagar via Shadipur or via Nasim and Gandarbal.

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Gangabal Lake
Situated at a height of 3570 meters, the Gangabal Lake, also known as Haramukh Ganga, is located on the foothills of Haramukh Mountain. It is home to a variety of fishes including brown trout and rainbow and offers its a visitors to indulge in an enjoyable fishing session (permit needed). It may not be one of the msot famous lakes in Kashmir, but this offbeat and scenic gem provides one hell of an experience to nature lovers and adventure seekers in terms of activities to engage in and views.

How to reach: One can reach the lake from Srinagar (45 kilometers) by road via Ganderbal up to Naranag and then do a trek of 15 kilometers upslope to the lake (horse or by foot). Another trek (25 kilometers long) leads to the lake site from Sonamarg via the Vishansar Lake. Additionally, one can also reach the lake through a trek from Bandipore via Arin.

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