Hotel Hacks: Simple Tips to get “Something Extra in hotels”

Hotel Hacks: Simple Tips to get "Something Extra in hotels"

Try there simple tips to get ” SOMETHNG EXTRA in hotels” !!!
1.     Respect the hotel and Be Polite: Hotel staff work hard. They spend almost two thirds of the day at the hotel. Whenever you are talking to them, always respect them and show your compassionate attitude. Your kind words will go far and might get you something extra without asking for it.
2.     Praise the Hotel: If this is your first visit to the hotel, tell them how much you are love the property and their service. Also, give them a hint that you are planning to visit the place again . This would increase your value as a guest and you might get something extra with or without asking.
3.     Be Generous:  The hotel staff work really hard. You should be generous while showing appreciation to the deserving. Hotel employees talks  among themselves about the guests who are nice to them and they do something extra for them you can’t even believe.
4.     Order your desserts later: Always order your desserts after you have finished your main course and while you doing that, tell them that you are celebrating the birthday of your child or your wife. There are high chances you will get an  something extra or a whole extra dessert to add to your celebration. 
5.     Ask for the Chef : When you are eating in a restaurant and if you like something very much or you are not happy with the food ask to speak to the chef . Most chefs are very passionate about their food and would like to please you and you will then get that something extra special on your table 
6.     Be Cool: Even if an employee has made a mistake, don’t be mad at him. While shouting at him won’t help you much, you will lose your credibility as a ‘nice’ guest and the staff might not treat you at their best for your rest of the stay. Although, keeping calm will earn respect and the guilt will get you something extra amenities or privileges.
7.     Don’t Lie: While you might be a smart person, hotel employees are good at catching a lie. For an upgrade of your room ask the F&B Service person about the occupancy of the hotel and if they have rooms available, use the Point 2 and ask for upgrade or something extra at the Front Desk.
8.     Talk to the Employees: You should spend some time talking to the hotel staff while they are serving you. This helps in creating a connection and you will be respected among the staff. There are chances, you will get the something extra  most of the times.
9.    Email the GM : Sometimes when you email the GM directly with your booking and tell them you are a regular traveler and review hotels on reputation sites , most times you will get something extra on your arrival including VIP amenities or even an upgrade. 
10. Build loyalty: Try and stay in the same hotel on your multiple visits. Most hotels give priority and something extra for the regular guests like free upgrades, VIP courtesies , a complimentary spa therapy or even a drink at the bar.

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