Dances of Kashmir

Dances of Kashmir Kashmir is famous not only for its scenic beauty but also for its traditional dances. Kashmiri people celebrate their festivities with a number of Kashmiri folk dances. The folk dances and music of the Kashmir valley form an important part of the Kashmiri culture. Given below is a list of some of the famous Kashmir dances:

One of the most popular traditional dances of Kashmir is Rouf. This beautiful dance form graces all the festive occasions, especially Id and Ramzan days. The dance is performed by a group of women facing each other. The simple footwork of Rouf is both a visual as well as an artistic treat.

Bhand Pather
Bhand Pather is a traditional folk theatre of Kashmir, usually performed in social and cultural functions. A powerful combination of play and dance, it portrays social traditions and evils, bringing out the satire in them.

Hafiza Dance
Hafiza Dance is a type of Kashmir dance, performed at wedding ceremonies.

Bhand Jashan
Bhand Jashan is another one of the Kashmiri folk dances. It is performed by a group of 10 to 15 artists in their traditional style, along with some light music.

Bacha Nagma
Young boys of Kashmir perform Bacha Nagma dance, particularly during the harvest season. One of the young boys dresses up as a female dancer, performing Hafiza style of dance.

A less popular dance of Kashmir is Wuegi-nachun. It is performed after the marriage ceremony, when the bride has left for her new home. In this dance, Kashmiri pundit women dance around the bridal rangoli (pattern made with colors).